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Academic year 2021-22
Is found in:
  • Bachelor of Business Management, programme stage 3
    • Environmental and Sustainability Management
  • Bachelor of Organisation & Management
    Choice package:
    • 3BL - Expertentraject, minstens 6 studiepunten
  • IC Audiology
    Choice package:
    • Choose for 9 ECTS CREDITS (Spring semester)
  • IC Education
    Choice package:
    • Preprimary, primary and secondary education: choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS
  • IC Nursing
    Choice package:
    • Choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS (Fall semester)
    • Choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS (Spring semester)
  • IC Nutrition and Dietetics
    Choice package:
    • Choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS (Fall semester)
  • IC Occupational Therapy
    Choice package:
    • Choose for 6 ECTS CREDITS (Fall semester)
  • IC Speech and Language Pathology
    Choice package:
    • Choose for 6 ECTS CREDITS (Spring semester)
  • IC Sports program
    Choice package:
    • Secondary education - sports program: choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS
  • International Curriculum Business, Retail and Languages
  • International Curriculum IT
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 3 credits
Weight: 3,00
Total study time: 75,00 hours
It is not possible to enrol in this course unit under
  • exam contract (to obtain a credit).
  • exam contract (to obtain a degree).
Special admission is required to enrol in this course unit under credit contract.
Co-ordinator: Derre Bart
Other teaching staff: De beuckelaer Erwin, Glor Albert, Wambacq Elke
Languages: English
Scheduled for: Semester 1 or Semester 2


This course has the intention of creating an authentic learning context for the students.
Attention is given to personality traits on the one hand, and knowledge competences otherwise.
The knowledge competences encompasses basis entrepreneurial skills: business insight, marketing knowledge, financial aspects and communication skills.

Students are given the opportunity to identify an innovative business idea and develop an business plan.
There are 2 possible learning paths in this course.

The first learning path is the 'classical' form, open to all students. Students work in multidisciplinary teams in developing their business plan.

The second learning path is an individual traject. This path is only possible after admittance. These students work on their own. They can develop an individual business plan or they can develop their own individual entrepreneurial learning path. After permission of the holder of the course and making sure that the end competentences of the course are being met.


Learning path 1:
Making use of the Lean Startup model (Eric Ries) and the Business model Canvas (Alexander Osterwalder) , students develop in team a business plan, starting from an innovative business idea.
The business plan is developed and presented to a jury of entrepreneurs and lecturers.

A number of classical theoretical sessions are given:
workshop creativity
business planning
best practices

Learning path 2:
Students with the student entrepreneur status can go through an individualized process. To design this route, the student entrepreneur contacts the coordinator at least 14 days before the start of the olod.

Organisation of education

Contactonderwijs22,00 hours

Study guidance

Coaching of the teams (learning path 1) or individual (learning path 2)  during consultations.
Entrepreneurial competences.
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Re-sit exam: is possible.

Study costs

Cost of the educational material is estimated at 20 Euro.
Possible other costs are estimated at 50 Euro. The actual costs will be calculated.


Attainment targets secundary education
Possible deadlines for learning account: 01.12.2021 () or 15.03.2022 ()