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U!reka Debates 2021-202239810/4761/2122/1/21

U!reka Debates 2021-2022

Academiejaar 2021-22
Komt voor in:
  • Bachelor in de beeldende kunsten
  • IC Audiology
    • Choose for 9 ECTS CREDITS (Spring semester)
  • IC Education
    • Preprimary, primary and secondary education: choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS
  • IC Nursing
    • Choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS (Fall semester)
    • Choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS (Spring semester)
  • IC Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS (Fall semester)
  • IC Occupational Therapy
    • Choose for 6 ECTS CREDITS (Fall semester)
  • IC Speech and Language Pathology
    • Choose for 6 ECTS CREDITS (Spring semester)
  • IC Sports program
    • Secondary education - sports program: choose for 12 ECTS CREDITS
  • International Curriculum Business, Retail and Languages
Dit is een enkelvoudig opleidingsonderdeel.
Studieomvang: 3 studiepunten
Gewicht: 3,00
Totale studietijd: 100,00 uren
Mogelijke grensdata voor leerkrediet: 01.12.2021 (Semester 1) of 15.03.2022 (Semester 2)
Men kan dit opleidingsonderdeel niet volgen binnen een
  • examencontract (met het oog op het behalen van een creditbewijs).
  • examencontract (met het oog op het behalen van een diploma).
Docenten: Basabose Olave, Goossens Ellen
Onderwijstalen: Engels
Kalender: Semester 1 of Semester 2

Omschrijving Onderwijsorganisatie (lijst)

Onderwijs-, leer- en evaluatieactiviteiten
Hoorcollege25,00 uren
Zelfstudie75,00 uren

Omschrijving Onderwijsorganisatie (tekst)

The U!reka debates serve as a stage for the U!reka partner institutions offering university and university college students, lecturers and interested parties a forum for reflection on relevant social, cultural and scientific issues.

At the start of each semester, the organizing institution presents a kick-off session with detailed information on the course. This will be followed by the opening lecture.

The other partners organize 2 lectures, one in each semester, given by experts from various fields or disciplines. Each lecture is followed by a debate or by questions from the students.

The partner institutions make video recordings of their lectures to share with the other institutions, totaling the series to minimum 8 and maximum 10 lectures.

Omschrijving Doelstellingen

With the U!reka partners we cooperate to enhance the quality of our education and research, the contribution we make to regional and urban entrepreneurship and innovation in a European context.
In recognition of the needs and benefits to further internationalise research and education at all partner institutions, we organize debates at each of our partner institutions.

These debates are initiated by a keynote delivered by renowned international speakers with expertise in contemporary social, cultural and scientific issues. At every partner institution, a digital version of the keynote is shared with the U!reka students and staff for discussion.

By uniting students of our partner countries and making them work together in virtual international teams, we aim to help develop 21st century skills among students and staff and to share solutions on handling inclusion and diversity in a rapidly changing global environment.

Omschrijving Inhoud

Students debate on (virtual) lectures by international speakers with expertise in contemporary social, cultural and scientific subjects.

Omschrijving Begincompetenties (tekst)

Students from all academic courses should be able to join easily. The average cultural background that can be expected of a university (college) student is required.
These students want to attain a wider view on the world and sharpen their critical attitude. They are supposed to gain insights that surpass their area of expertise and to be prepared for the globalized working field.

Omschrijving Eindcompetenties (tekst)

• Reflect on current relevant themes (society, art, culture and science)
• Prove academic writing skills
• Obtain an attitude of lifelong learning
• Improve English communication skills
• Work in an international team on an assignment
• Overcome cultural differences to connect with each other
• Use/choose appropriate digital tools to create effective interactions

Omschrijving Evaluatie (tekst)

Non-periodic group assignment: Approximately 5 to 8 students within the same institution work jointly on an ‘international’ assignment. Every student needs to follow 5 sessions (including the opening session) and connect with international students of the partner institutions to make the assignment.
Dit opleidingsonderdeel wordt gequoteerd op 20 (tot op een geheel getal).
Tweede examenkans: wel mogelijk.

Omschrijving Studiekosten

No special costs involved.

Omschrijving Volgtijdelijkheid (VT)

Op dit opleidingsonderdeel is er geen volgtijdelijkheid van toepassing.